Workout excuses: Should you allow the excuses to be your motivators to start workout?

What motivates each of us to workout is different: maybe it’s a health problem, an issue with sleep, a special event you want to look great for, having more energy to play with your kids or grandkids, or simply wanting to feel better and healthier in your own skin. Whatever motivates you, it’s important to know what drives you in the gym and keep that fire burning. In my career as a personal trainer for 21 years now, I have seen my fair share of workout excuses. We may all have heard such excuses: but, these excuses never become your motivators to commence and keep up your workout schedule.

“Excuses” are never motivators to do workout

Workout motivators

We hear our workout fellows say like: “My back hurts”; “I don’t feel I can workout today”; “I’m not in shape”; “I hate exercising in the heat” etc. etc. And on and on it goes, but we can all agree that these workout excuses aren’t our motivators for making us energetic to doing something; they are lame!

There’s no reason to allow these excuses to be your motivators for working out. They only weaken your goals, and that does nobody any good. For example,  if you want to look better in your wedding dress, don’t allow the weather to get in the way of working out. You can work out in the rain and you will still look great.

In other words, if you are going to a special event like a wedding or a reunion or a prom or whatever, it’s completely acceptable to work out hard on that day even if it’s a scorching sun outside! You will be plenty motivated by the fact that you have this amazing event planned in your calendar and you are choosing to do something special on this day so that you can feel good about yourself.

You can avoid excuses and workout consistently as no better motivators you can find for you than YOU yourself.

The same goes for the gym. If you want to hit the gym hard and get that iron pumping, you need to be motivated and not afraid of working out in the heat. Because if you are, you obviously aren’t working out for you; you are working out for someone else. You’re working out for your trainer or coach who is pushing you to complete certain workouts because they want them to look good on their resume or they want a promotion or a raise or whatever. And once again, that’s fine –everyone works that way. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 21 years and I know exactly how this business works. So don’t think that you have to do it any differently.

Why do excuses interfer hinder your workout consistency?

Why people fail at working out consistently is because after all the work, soul and money has been poured into a goal, it’s always for someone else and not for their own benefit. 

I have seen too many people make this mistake over the years. They will work out hard on that special day or event, and then they let themselves go back to the way things used to be. It’s a terrible feeling because you have now a huge disappointment in yourself for breaking your promise and letting yourself down by falling back into old habits. This is especially true when you are trying to lose weight. There’s always that one person in the gym who is working out also trying to lose weight. They have every excuse in the book and they are just looking pathetic.

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Such people are afraid of losing their hard earned muscles, afraid of getting smaller, afraid of not having “superb” definition and so on and so on. It’s all because they have let themselves go back to their old habits. And now on this special day, they will let themselves go back to bad eating habits, too much sugar and a lack of exercise. They let themselves go back to the way it was before they got their motivation. And that’s not right. Because it’s just your world and you are the one who created this thing; so do what you want in it. If you want to make this new goal of yours come true, remember not to let anything stop you because if we let things get in our way, they will. So, no matter what. Just do it!

Weather is one of the effective excuses for not doing workout. But don’t let the weather stop you from working out if that’s what you want to do that day. Get creative and find a way. You will be motivating yourself and everyone around you by changing your body for the better. Maybe that hot pink bikini isn’t for anyone else but for you!

Role of motivation for workout

No excuses for workout

Let’s face it, there is only one person in this world who should motivate you to work out and that is the ‘You’!  Nobody else gets to decide how hard you are going to workout or what exercises or workouts you are going to perform. It’s your body, your life, your goals and your rules and excuses are also YOURS. So, why let any excuses get in the way of starting to workout?

Motivation is what it’s all about it plays a key role in stepping out to workout. I don’t care how old you are or what your health problems are. If you want to lose weight, tone your body, become healthier or simply want to feel better about yourself and look good on this special day, you need to have motivation to work out.

Don’t let anything get on your way because there is nothing more motivating than the thought of looking great on that special day!
How hard you workout is all up to you! Now without making any excuses, move, workout hard and be healthy! You can do it!


Note: I base my answers off of year round clients who find themselves in a bad situation. If it’s the beginning of the year or in between seasons – yes – I would say that you should do an off-season program. But I find that most people want to workout year round, so this is what I base my answers on.


From the discussion above, we can conclude that you are the master of yourself. You can avoid excuses and workout consistently as no better motivators you can find for you than you yourself. I hope you now understand your role in forming and following your workout schedule with no excuses at all.

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