What to Say on a Baby Shower Card?

It is always a joy when you have a beautiful baby and you have to extend your congratulations to the parents-to-be. And when it comes time for the shower, what better gift to give than a card that says congrats on their new bundle of joy. However, it’s easy to think what message should go on the card until you get hungry for ideas when all of your christening are complete. We usually recommend something sweet like “we hope he/she has big ears like yours” or “we can’t wait for him/her to grow up so we can play with him again soon”.

Quotes can also send out a message in an effective way and make the person feel special or even godly.

Sayings for baby shower cards

There are a few good sayings you can use for your baby shower card that are really versatile and can be used for any kind. We have selected the best ones for you so that you can see what works best.

How to get good ideas for baby shower cards?
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It’s actually not as hard as you might imagine. You can make really good messages out of anything if you think about it enough or even if you make-up some things that can be made into a joke or an inside joke with the people present at the event. And the best is that you will be the only one who knows what you are talking about. For example, if you know that the father-to-be is a huge fan of some sports, you can use it and create a personal message where you compare him with that sport.

Wording on baby shower cards

Since we have compressed quite a few funny messages into this list, we also wanted to include some really nice words for people to use on their card. Just because you want your baby shower message to be different does not mean it has to be bad or inappropriate. Some of these messages can work for any kind of event and we can use them both in a religious setting as well as in an informal one.

Baby shower quotes?
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Although quotes are not cards, we can use them as a great alternative to them. Quotes can also send out a message in an effective way and make the person feel special or even godly. Sometimes you can get away with something that does not directly say congrats on your child but you could easily put a “you’re going to be a GREAT parent” quote on it and people will understand what you mean from the context of the event. The best part about quotes is that they are something we usually read once and then file away between the pages of our books and we rarely spend more time thinking about them.

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