Secret key to success: Best ways of being successful

Although success seems to be the solution to all of our problems, least of us can detect the right ways of being really successful. Success is something we all want but do we know what it means and how we get there? Will it fix everything that’s wrong with your life or can you be successful and still feel like shit? This post will cover some of the ways, such as how you live, learn, and grow, for being a successful person. I will not be teaching you how to become a success but rather focus on the different views of how a person can be successful.

This post is going to discuss about education and learning, which give you some information about life and how it works. These are just some nice things that people want from each other in life without any deeper meaning behind them, but still they have a meaning that we all have been able to grasp through our development as humans. Likewise, this post will also discuss about definition of success, which we generally define as ‘getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame’.

Similarly, we will also talk about different ways to of being successful – this will include things outside of your control and things within your control and how to achieve them both. Moreover, our attempt will be to include different aspects of success in different needs and situations such as in love relationships, friendships, and business life

Defining Success

Cambridge Dictionary ( defines success as “the achievement of what you want to achieve“. Success is in fact to be able to meet the point of your general expectation after an attempt carried out in a certain time frame.

Some scholars like jim Rohn relate success to the need for three things: Wealth, Respect, and Fame. Mostly these can be thought of as status symbols, but I won’t go into detail on them here. The true success is not the recognition that others have of you, but recognition that you have of yourself.
These are different views of how many people see success. There are two sides to being successful because it is possible to be successful in one way and unsuccessful in another way.

What can I Do for Being Successful?

Success requires you to seek and sincerely follow the ways of being.

There are three ways to achieve your desire for success: 1. Self control 2. Self denial 3. Self belief These are naturally easy to find within themselves because there are three different fields where they work the best. If you are able to achieve success in one of the three, then this means that there are two more paths left open to you.

Self Control

Self control is a basic ability that everyone is born with. If you can control your need for food, water, sleep, sex, violence, etc., then there is no reason why things won’t come easy for you. You must learn how to be happy without these things.

Self Denial

You can deny yourself your basic needs for food, water, sleep, etc., but if you deny yourself basic rights or freedoms, or things that make you happy, then this will only cause unhappiness and misery which will lead to failure.

Self Belief

As for self belief, there are many ways to achieve this one. You could believe that no matter what you do, you will succeed. You could also believe that you are already successful, whether or not it is true. There are many other ways to achieve this one but the key is to know how to believe in something without proof of it.

Self belief has led great men and women to success through times of slavery and war when all hope was lost. It is something that cannot be easily taught but must be learned by your own personal experiences in life while handling self control and denying your basic needs for food, water, sleep, pleasure, etc.

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There is a huge difference between success and failure. You can have everything that you could ever want in life, but if you cannot find happiness, then this means that you have not been successful. In order to become successful, you must sacrifice something in your life. This is called a trade off. Most people have to choose something from the list of basic needs above or from a list of things that make them happy in order to achieve a greater happiness.

Need of Education for Being Successful

The first thing that made humans successful was the ability to learn new things. When you know how to do something, you can do it better than anyone else. There is a need for training, but if you are able to acquire this knowledge quickly then this allows for a quick rise in wealth or position.

Perfectly successful.

We become successful because of something that we have learned which is the difference between self education and school education. School education treats knowledge as facts that are memorized and contained within books which are later read before they are forgotten again.


Although relationships are not always necessary for success, they are something that will make you feel successful. All of the things that you do in life depend upon the amount of effort that you put into it. If your family and friends support you in life, then this will allow for more support to be given which will make you feel like there is someone always there whenever you need them.


Goals give people a goal to achieve whether it is to being successful or not to become one who has no ways to achieve success. The more goals that you have, the more things that you have to work for. A goal without a plan is just a dream which will never be achieved.

When you have nothing to do, there are only two ways to pass the time: 1. To learn something new 2. To do something for others. The first would mean being self-employed or being educated enough so that you could find your own way of doing things or create your own way of doing things, but if there are no jobs available for you to succeed at, the second is the only thing left which means working for someone else until you can become self-employed

The Pursuit

The pursuit is a combination of a number of pursuits including education, relationships, goals, and the list goes on. The more you learn about life, the more things that you can achieve or find out which makes you want to learn even more. For being successful in anything, you must have an idea or ways of how you want to do it.

Get Rich Quick

This term refers to someone who wants to become or does become wealthy fast, but it has negative connotations. Saying that someone has “gotten rich quick” implies that they are not really wealthy. They are poor but greedy. And it implies that they don’t really know how hard it is to make money and how hard people work for what they have.

Became successful

Income is one of the most important elements of success. People spend an immense amount of time talking about their jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. If you are a modern day American, you will hear only a few things about how to make your job look successful or how to make your job look more successful than it really is. They don’t talk about the importance of having a job at all.

It is common knowledge today that there are many occupations that people won’t even consider doing because they do not have any skills that can get them a job or because they aren’t exactly suited for it in the first place. There are only a few jobs that require a high level of education and skills.

Common Symbols of Success

Here is a list of items as symbols of being successful through ways of hard work, desire, and determination:

• More money than you or your family ever dreamed of having.

• A lifestyle that has everything that you need to live a healthy life. This includes all the basic needs for food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, medical care and education.

• The ability to have fun with people that you care about the most whether they live in your town or not.

• The ability to go places on short notice without being afraid of not being able to get back home again.

• The ability to live free from doubt, fear, and worry.

• The ability to live life without doubt that everything that you do is exactly the best thing for yourself and those around you.

• All of the luxuries that a rich person could want without having to show off your wealth.

There are many different ways to be successful in many diverse fields, but if you have all of the necessities covered, you can get happiness. However, it isn’t enough to be able to survive on your own because you must work more in order to earn more money for additional luxuries in life.

What is not a Success?

Ways of being successful???

• Not being able to do the things that you want with your life.

• Not having enough money to take care of yourself or your family.

• Not being able to go home at night without wondering if someone will be waiting for you with a gun.

• Not having anything to eat or drink for yourself or your family.

• Having too many bills and no way to pay them off.

When you don’t have enough money, there is always something that you are to miss. It means if you are lacking the latest smart phone after you pay off all the bills at the end of each month, it may not a success.

To Conclude,

In the planet earth, being successful, up to an extent, means being wealthy and most of the ways of achieving such success directly correspond to the ways of being wealthy. However, having money isn’t enough. You must have time to spend, love to give, and enjoy life. This is the only thing that will lead you to success.

Unlike being successful, there are multiple comfortable ways for being a failure. Failure is the easiest thing to achieve in life. The harder thing is to succeed with grace and dignity after making mistakes along the way.

Therefore, it is worthy to note that there are a large number of ways for earning money, however, it takes more than ‘a little bit of money’ to be successful in this world. If you know the real sense of being a true successful person, the existing financial system in the world will work for you; so don’t worry about lifting yourself up financially.

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