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School Children Suffer Inflation: 1.8 Million Kids Getting Poor School Meals

The food supply chain has been significantly disturbed due to COVID-19, and the Ukraine war

The cost of living crisis is not just about food. It’s about the rising costs of everything from rent to childcare. And it’s about the way these costs are impacting families across the country.

For many families, the cost of living crisis is a daily reality. They are struggling to make ends meet and are being forced to make choices that no family should have to make.

One of the most visible impacts of the cost of living crisis is the impact on children’s school meals. As food costs have risen, 1.8 million children are facing poorer quality school meals.

When families are struggling to put food on the table, healthy school meals are often the first thing to go.

This is why the US government has been urged to raise the free school meal entitlement threshold to all children whose parents are on Universal Credit.

The cost of living crisis is a real and pressing problem for families across the country. The government must act now to help those families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Inflation is considered a normal part of an economy. It happens when people have more money to spend and businesses raise prices to match the demand. But the problem with the current inflation is that it is exceptionally high, and not showing signs to fall down from its 40-year highs.

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