Role of fashion in building your personality

Fashion plays crucial role in building your overall personality. It not only beautifies you, fashion also creates more confidence in you and works to impress others. Being fashionable is actually more for others than for yourself. Others, closed ones or aquintances or new ones, all initially judge you from your fashion. Fashion is but not a single component like a particular dress or shoes, it includes from your facial make-up through hairstyles to your gestures. Only a right combination of all those aspects make you fashionable.

Fashion impresses others, determines your access in certain places, presents your basic character and general social or cultural status and also enables you to do activities more confidently.


One of the easiest way to impress people is to be uniquely fashionable. Everybody, who have eyesight, look at you and immediately judge you on the basis of your fashion. If you have worn some formal clean dresses, the viewer considers that you are an office worker or a college student or ready to go to attend a formal party. Likewise, when people see you in informal dress carrying a bag in hand, they quickly make up their mind about you as going to a supermarket for shopping.

If you have worn unclean clothes and have uncared hair matched with old shoes, people think that you are not a person of a higher status, or you may be just coming from some field works. Impression is very important for day-to-day survival as it determines the degree of your social interaction and cooperation. Being properly fashionable, therefore, always plays a key role in building your personality through forming initial impression in the mind of other people.

Determines Access in Places

Another role fashion plays in building your personality is its capacity to determine access in certain places. For example, you can not enter into a place of being a formal party wearing informal dress. If given dress code, your college will not allow you to enter in out dress. While doing farm works, it will be ridiculous to wear formal party dress. If you are able to choose a right fashion for a right place or situation, you can easily get access into it and enjoy your time. On the contrary, selection of a wrong fashion may lead you to difficulty or shameful situation.

fashion shows personality
Presents your Character and Status

Fashion also plays vital role to represent your basic character and socio-cultural status, which helps in building your personality. Fashion demonstrates your attitude. As you wear clothes with a perfect symmetry top to bottom, it shows that you have a good social status. Similarly, cultural dress-up presents your cultural status. Your hairstyle, ornaments and facial make-ups speak out your hidden thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Simple fashion indicates that you love simplicity, whereas, bright and colourful fashion give impression of your favour to more emotional, exaggerated styles.

Builds Confidence

Confidence is a significant part of your personality, for building which fashion really plays an opening role. Whatever day-to-day activity you do, you require confidence for being successful in it. Any work done without confidence normally results in a failure. And such a confidence comes from your fashion. If you have chosen appropriate fashion for the time and situation, you feel yourself more energetic. But, a wrong choice may attract your more attention towards your own fashion than towards the work you have in hand. This not only makes you feel uneasy, the job you have done may also be rarely satisfactory.

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Fashion, but does contribute too little to develop your inward potential, plays very important role in building your personality. Fashion in fact deserves your attention. It depends on you what type of fashion you choose, however, all the component parts should be matching to each other. It means your hairstyle needs to match with your facial make-ups and your handbag should suit your skirt or coat. If you fail to create a symmetry among those component parts, you seem quite odd, which may bring an unpleasant consequence for you.

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