Can you/How to reheat pizza in an oven?

“In a word: DON’T.”

Reheating pizza in an oven is a commonly practiced, but faulty way to get a hot slice of pie. The crust will get tough and dry, the cheese will stop melting, and the toppings will get burnt. In order to reheat pizza in an oven successfully, you need to alter the cooking method — ideally by placing it on parchment paper on top of your favorite cookie sheet and baking for ten minutes at 400°F (200°C).

However, if you are really craving a hot slice of pizza, the first and most obvious method is to preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C) and set the dough directly on the rack. This method is not recommended as the crust will become tough and unappetizing. Another method of reheating pizza in the oven is by placing it on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, which has been preheated over low heat on your stovetop for 3 minutes. This method will help the cheese, toppings and dough all stay moist and warm.

In this case, if you have a pizza stone that can be heated on the stovetop, then place it in the oven after you’ve finished cooking and leave it for ten minutes. Don’t worry too much over which side of the oven is to be used; just make it hot enough to warm up the pizza, but not so high that it cooks from below. Additionally, if you do this, do not reheat the pizza in the oven for any longer than necessary.

Pros: No need to heat up your oven; saves time and effort!

Cons: The initial baking step won’t cook the crust or ingredients, meaning there is a lot of room for error; doesn’t reheat well enough for those who like their slices hot and fresh.

Tips to Store Pizza

Reheat pizza in oven

All pizza should be stored cold when not in use (unless you bought it hot, of course). When you reheat pizza in an oven, the only option is to consume it all immediately. Slice it and store it in the freezer after it comes out of the oven until you’re ready to consume it. Pizza that sits out for more than 30 minutes begins to lose its moisture and crispness and will make for a gross reheating experience.

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We recommend storing all cooked pizza in your freezer so that you can have one whenever you are hungry.

Bottom line

In order to reheat pizza in oven, you need to avoid burning the toppings or getting the crust too hard. The crust will become hard and tough, and the toppings may become burnt if done this way. It is not recommended to reheat pizza in oven because it will ruin the taste of the pizza. So, if you want to enjoy a delicious slice of pizza again then do not reheat it in oven at all.

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And, some people feel uncomfortable eating cold pizza. If you are one of them then follow the advice given in this article and store the cooked pizza in your freezer and have it whenever you want. If you have been reheating pizza in the oven in the past, it might be time to change, as reheating pizza in the oven is not at all recommended method to enjoy a slice of pizz.

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