Is it necessary to poop early in the morning?

Do you have trouble pooping early in the morning? Have you considered whether this is an issue or not? Are there any solutions? We will explore why people might have trouble pooping in the morning, and what they can do about it.

A quick refresher on bowel movements: There are two types of bowels, namely colonic transit time and rectal transit time. Colon transit time refers to how long it takes your colon to reach full capacity, while rectal transit time refers to how long it takes for feces to pass through your anus.

Ok, into the main topic…

Why is it necessary to poop early in the morning?

Poop early morning

First, let us look into the physiology behind the question at hand. You might have noticed that you poop better in the morning than in the evening. This is because your body goes through a set of changes throughout the day, which affects your bowel movements.

1) Transit time

Your transit time should be 10 hours for solid waste and 6 hours for liquid waste. However, this varies depending on your diet and lifestyle factors. If you are constipated or have irregular bowel movements, your transit time is probably longer than if you are regular and healthy.

2) Bowel movement frequency

Bowel movement frequency refers to the average amount of bowel movements your body produces per week. This can be altered by your diet, as well as how regular you are with it. The less you move, the more solid waste leaves behind, which means longer transit time.

If your bowel movement frequency is lower than normal, you’re likelier to be constipated.

If your bowel movement frequency is higher than normal, then this means that all the solid waste you have left behind must pass through your intestines very fast, and this can lead to a number of problems – including constipation.

Is it harmful if you don’t poop every morning?

Pooping in the morning

You may think that it’s bad if you don’t poop every morning, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, some people do quite well and feel good without pooping every morning. If your bowel movements are fairly regular, and you are healthy, there isn’t a need to rush every morning. However, if your bowel movements aren’t regular or they aren’t healthy in any way, then there might be a problem – usually constipation.

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What can cause constipation?

Difficulty to poop constipation

There are various things that can cause constipation. These include:

1) Excessive weight gain or loss. The opposite of this is excessive weight loss or gain which can also lead to constipation since the body requires extra time to adjust in order to maintain the correct balance.

2) Not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Many vitamins, minerals and fiber are found in these foods, which contribute to a healthy intestinal environment.

3) Not exercising enough. There are a number of people who have to poop early in the morning, but have never exercised or broken a sweat. This is because many people don’t exercise regularly or for long enough, which can lead to constipation.

4) Stress. Some people are more prone to stress than others, which can lead to constipation.

5) Drugs and medications (including laxatives). This is something we don’t really want to mention, but it should be known that it isn’t easy for your body to adjust if you take strong laxatives or other medications which can cause the bowels to react in a way that’s not normal.

Final lines

So, why do some people poop in the morning while others can’t? Well, it all comes down to a number of factors which we have mentioned above. If you don’t poop in the morning but feel alright, then there isn’t much to worry about. However, if you are not healthy or regular, then you should seek help as soon as possible.

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