How to use a toilet paper cleanly?

Are you one of those people who finds it difficult to use a toilet paper cleanly? We hope you never have to experience this, but if you ever do, we have the perfect way for you to conduct your business without getting completely soaked. Just follow our instructions and be sure not to flush the toilet until done!

Guide on How to use a toilet paper cleanly(without creating a mess)

  • First of all, take a long piece of toilet paper from the dispenser. It should be large enough so that it does not need folding.
  • Next, get down on all fours(this position is called the squatting position when using a toilet in the oriental world).
  • Get closer to the bowl of your toilet and put one hand on your forehead.
  • Now it’s time to release your “load” on the paper.
  • Take another piece of toilet paper for clean up and wipe yourself completely. Like anyone, you will feel much cleaner if you do a double check!
  • When done, take all the used toilet papers throw them. Be sure to flush the toilet when done cleaning up so that you don’t get dirty water flying at you when flushing.

What people say about toilet paper mess?

Use toilet paper cleanly

Peter, 22 : At least 50 percent of the times, I get poop in my hand while wiping off my butt. It’s… messy.

Kylie, 19 : Well, I don’t like toilet papers. It’s just so…so.. messy. I like using tissues instead, it’s so much more gentler to the skin. I use water instead.

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Alan, 29 : I use the whole roll of toilet paper at once. Because I don’t want poop in my hand.

What people say about a perfect way to use a toilet paper cleanly?

Amy, 38 : Wow! This is genius! I always wondered how people use toilet papers without getting their hands dirty. My husband always complains about me not being able to wipe correctly and that he has poop in his hands sometimes. Well now I know what the problem is. Thank you so much! I will try this the next time we get to go to a public toilet.

Terry, 58 : The smell of my toilet has been bothering me for sometime… it so gross whenever someone uses it. Maybe I should give this method a try? It’s cheap and it won’t cause a mess!

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Bill, 45 : I always leave the toilet dirty after using it. Now I know what the problem is! Thanks for writing about this awesome article!

Tom, 48 : I’ve tried many different ways to wipe down the toilet but it always ends up dirt. This is a very cool method!

Hope this article helped you, and you can wipe off your butt easily now, using a toilet paper.

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