How to unclog the kitchen sink?

When your kitchen sink gets clogged, you end up having to dump a bucket or two of water down the drain and use a plunger to try and unclog it. In contrast, if you hose your sink down when you turn on the tap in the morning, water will flow through much easier and not collect in your pan. This process obviously depends on how frequently you run any hoses through your sink.

In addition, you can try to use a wire (or other hard material) to clear out the clog. Just place it at the bottom of the drain and pull out whatever is causing your sink to clog up.

Kitchen sink

Look closely at what’s been going into your sink before trouble arrives. If you notice that there are small things in your sink – like a lot of cut-up veggies – then you may want to apply this tip: Before pouring the first few drops of water into the sink each morning, pour some salt into it. This will help you avoid a clogged kitchen sink by preventing items like peels from getting in.

Finally, you should always flush out your garbage disposal regularly. If you don’t, grease will build up and cause blockage over time. If your garbage disposal is not very old, buying a new one may be more cost-effective than trying to unclog your kitchen sink yourself. You could save yourself some money by taking that approach, or risk cutting through pipes under the sink or even flooding your house if you attempt it incorrectly.

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