How to unclog a nose?

Sometimes the nose just gets clogged up when it can’t do its job correctly. And sometimes the congestion might be so serious that the person is unable to breathe through it without feeling like they are suffocating. If you have blocked sinuses, or a stuffy nose, here are three ways to unclog your nose that may/not already know about:

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1) Suck on a hard candy—sugar-free is best for people with diabetes or high blood pressure. This works by loosening up mucus and phlegm in your nasal passages, which will allow them to drain properly.

Here are two other ways to get relief from a blocked nose:

2) Use a neti pot—a ceramic pot that is filled with warm water. The person puts one nostril over the spout and pours the water in through the other nostril. In order for this to work properly, the water has to be squirted very slowly and gently into one of the nostrils.

3) Hot compress—just like when you have a toothache or sore throat, placing your face over a bowl of hot water can help open up your nasal passages. Use caution when doing this because you don’t want to burn yourself. Warming up any scented oils will also have a similar effect on clearing a stuffy nose.

Causes of stuffy nose

  • Cold and flu
  • Chemical irritants(e.g., smoke, perfume)
  • Dusts(e.g., found in hay fever, house dust mites)
  • Infections (e.g., Strep throat infections; sinus infections; and the flu)
  • Pregnancy

The symptoms of stuffy nose include: impaired breathing and nasal discharge. Stuffy nose may be caused by inflammation. It can sometimes be a symptom of common cold, allergic rhinitis, or sinus infection.

You can also try and….

Moisten the nose with a tissue or gentle sponge. Do this more than once a day if necessary until you no longer have symptoms. Don’t use cotton swabs to clean the nose, because these can irritate the lining of the nose and cause more problems. If you find that your cold is not improving, ask your doctor for an appointment as this may be an indication that it is more serious than initially thought.”

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