How to tell if a dog is pregnant?

It’s not unusual for a dog to announce their pregnancy with a swollen belly, leaking urine, or howling at all hours of the day. It is, however, important to know if the dog is pregnant before you take them on an adventure or pet them. Here are some ways that you can tell whether your furry friend is expecting puppies.

Check for a swollen belly: 

If there is a large bulge on the dog it may be that he or she is expecting puppies. Male and Female dogs alike can develop this type of physique, but most commonly breeders will see this “pregnancy” with female dogs.

Check for leaking urine:

Pregnant dogs may find it more difficult to hold their urine as the pregnancy advances,. So, they may leak as if they’ve just been urinating. You’ll want to be careful during the early stages of pregnancy as this is when your dog will be most noticeably peeing all over your house, so put down rugs and purchase pee pads for your dog’s convenience and peace of mind.

Check for howling at night:

What is it about dogs that make humans think they are the only animals who need sleep? Stress, fear, excitement, boredom… dogs can’t get enough of these emotions. Nevertheless, once dogs become pregnant it seems they know the time of day to start telling you off. It’s almost as if they have clocks in their heads!

Feeling uncomfortable about the noise coming from your own home? You may want to know that it’s not just you being grumpy on a Monday morning. Go ahead and count how many times your dog howls on weekdays versus weekends. This is to find out exactly when she is vocalizing outside of her regular sleep patterns.

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Watch for a sudden change in appetite:

It’s no secret that dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans. So long as they have a good nose, dogs will know when a litter of puppies is on its way even before you do! A pregnant dog may experience an increase in appetite in the middle of her “term”. Or, she just might begin to eat more than usual. Do not be concerned if your dog begins to forget about his favourite sleeping place, or his regular spot on the couch just so he can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner right on top of the kitchen table.

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