How to Strengthen Nails?

As nails are an important part of our body, I’m going to share with you about strengthening your nails. We should take care of nails for many reasons, some more obvious than others. Besides protecting the ends of your fingers and toes, they also reveal a lot about your health.

  • Signs you might be dehydrated: brittle nails
  • Signs you might be anemic: thinning nails
  • Some hormonal changes like pregnancy or thyroid disease can cause nail weakness.

People with diabetes or peripheral artery disease may also notice their nails become thick and brittle; this is because the blood vessels in their hands and feet aren’t receiving enough oxygen and nutrients from the rest of the body.

Ok, back to the topic…

How to strengthen your nails?

Things required:
1.Cotton ball or anything that can absorb any liquid

2.Polish remover (acetone)

3.Nail oil/cream(olive oil, almond oil..anything that contains fatty acids)


1. Rub the cuticle gently with the cotton ball along with some polish remover. It will soften the nail bed.

2. Then gently push back your cuticles with a pusher or anything you can find such as bobby pin, toothpick and gently pick off the tiny white parts on top of your nails (they look like rice grains, don’t be alarmed).

3. Now take a small paint brush and dab some nail oil on the nails and spread it around.

4. Now with the cotton ball, gently push in the cuticles so that they are easy to grab back. This is how I push my cuticles back, you can use emojis like the one on this post for reference 😉

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5. After the oil has been absorbed by the nail, let your nails soak in the water for a while and you can remove them with a cotton ball, like so:

6. To improve their appearance, you can use nail polish remover to clean up the nail, apply some thin coats of oil on all sides as well as put a layer of clear polish on top. The purpose is to make the nails look shiny and healthy. If you want to enhance your nails color, skip this step (since there will be a lot of chemicals) and apply acrylic paint instead. This part I don’t really know what to do.I googled about it but no one really explains I guess you can just draw lines and stuff if you like that. 😉

Hope this helps, guys! Let me know what do you think about it in the comments below! Have a great day!

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