How to stop itching from mosquito bite?

I hope you’re all reading this and not scratching. As the summer ramps up, there are bound to be plenty of mosquitoes are just waiting to feast on your blood. Be careful out there!

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Mosquitoes are small flies that carry diseases like Zika, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever. They can also transmit West Nile virus. Though they might seem harmless at first glance, mosquitoes have proboscises that penetrate the skin and inject saliva which is full of disease-causing organisms or other substances that will worsen any existing skin condition. Mosquitoes feed on blood because it has iron in it which is essential for their metabolism…

Ok, back tot he topic.

How to stop itching from mosquito bites?

Mosquito itching

I’ve got a few tips.

1) Rub soap and water on the bite
Soap and water

If this doesn’t stop the itching, I don’t know what will! Put some soap on a wet hand or sponge, rub it onto the affected area and watch the itching slowly disappearing. This can help remove any residual chemicals that may have been injected into your skin by the mosquito’s saliva. A little bit of rubbing will also stop that burning sensation at once. If it doesn’t work, try using another kind of soap or different amount of soap to see which one works better for you.

2) Use ice to get rid of the itch

Ice works wonders for numbing that itch. It also helps constrict blood vessels and reduces swelling, which can help reduce inflammation. I usually use a wet towel with crushed ice and apply it on my bite for about 5 minutes. Ice is said to be able to stop itching around 15-20 minutes after application, though you may feel some coolness while there’s still ice applied. If you have no crushed ice in your freezer, simply hold an ice cube in each hand and rub them both on the affected area until they melt (which shouldn’t take too long).

3) Use an anti-itch cream
Anti itch cream

I’ve tried some of these creams and they can temporarily relieve itching but they don’t last long. If you’re planning on heading out golfing, fishing or to work, check the labels and make sure that they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that could worsen your skin condition. Eucerin is a brand I can recommend as it comes with a natural plant extract. Other brands like Aveeno and NIVEA have their own variants as well. Williams pain relief cream contains menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor and salicyclic acid (a derivative from aspirin) all of which are helpful in relieving itchiness.

4) Try a home-made remedy

Gauze dipped in vinegar is said to be able to rid you of itching. If vinegar doesn’t do the trick, try some lemon juice. If that still doesn’t work, consider apple cider vinegar instead. If you don’t have any gauze or cotton wool, a damp towel may also work. While applying the solution, gently pat the area so that it soaks through and dries faster. Do not rub it because it may loosen the skin’s surface and irritate the skin even more. Another tip is to apply rubbing alcohol which can cut through grease and kill off any bacteria on your skin that might worsen the itching sensation.

5) Apply toothpaste

The menthol contained in most toothpastes is said to help relieve itching and swelling. I don’t know how well this works, but you may want to try it because it doesn’t require anything else than the toothpaste itself. You can also try potassium permanganate, an ingredient found in many commercial anti-itch creams. The only hitch is that you might have to mix a drop of this chemical with water and rub it on your bite. If you’re not comfortable with handling chemicals, stick with the toothpastes!

6) Take a shower or bath

This might seem like a pretty straightforward remedy but hot water or heat packs can really help soothe the itchiness of mosquito bites.

7) Drink milk

Milk contains lactic acid which can be an effective remedy. You can drink milk, apply it to your skin or even put some cotton wool soaked in milk on the bite. If you’d like to go for the latter option, however, make sure that you have fresh milk because the sourness of fermented milk might upset your stomach.

8) Add lemon juice to water
Lemon juice

If you don’t drink milk, another home-remedy is putting a few drops of lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water and gargle with it.

9) Tired of everything? Eat borage or calendula cream
Tired and bored

These two plants have anti-itch properties that can help stop itching. Borage contains camphor while calendula contains calendin, which is said to be helpful in relieving skin irritations (though I think it’ll work best if you apply it topically). If you aren’t familiar with these herbs, ask your doctor if they’re safe for you to take.

FAQs about mosquito bites.

1) Can one get HIV from mosquito bite?

2) Will a mosquito bite leave scars?
-No but it won’t always mean you’ll never get another one! As far as itching is concerned, it can be more psychological than physical. Completely different species of mosquitoes may bite you (the larvae of a tropical waterbug bites more like a shrew than the larva of a mosquito). Many people have reported that their older wounds have continued to itch after a new one has been bitten (I think this is because old wounds retain some kind of bacteria).

3) Are mosquito bites worse for pregnant women?
-No, but some women may experience a flicker of pain when their growing is just starting.

4) Will mosquitoes bite me again after I’ve been bitten?
-Not necessarily. The amount of blood they need (as well as chemical substances in your body) depends on how you react to the bite. You can get rid of the itchiness depending on what you use, but if you don’t use anything (or if you didn’t apply it properly), it might take a bit longer and have more chances of becoming infected again.

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