How to Stop Dog’s Nail from Bleeding?

If your dog’s nail is bleeding, it is firstly recommended to consult a pet doctor to stop it. It is not the correct time to take your dog to a regular vet. If they don’t have time, there are some steps you can take.

Wash Your Hands First

If your dog’s nail starts to bleed, the first thing you should do is wash your hands. Washing your hands will keep any dirt or bacteria from getting into the cut, preventing the situation from worsening. You will also prevent the spread of any germs from one part of your body to another, such as the bleeding nail in your dog. If you don’t clean and dry your hands before handling a wound, you’re more likely to get an infection or pass on a bacteria to the wound that wasn’t there before.

Use Styptic Pen to Stop Dog’s Nail Bleeding

You can treat your dog’s nail with a styptic pen to stop any bleeding. Styptic pens are available at most pet stores and are not too expensive. If you go through a lot of these, you can order them online in bulk so that they’re cheaper or just keep them around as extra. You should also make sure that you have plenty of styptic powder, like flour, on hand to use as well as advil, chin-chin oil, and ice cubes for quick healing.

These are also called “sticking plasters” and can be found almost anywhere that sells bandages. Just run the pen over the fingernail or toenail that your dog was cut on and it should be fine. The little pin inside will cause some bleeding right away, which will help absorb the blood loss caused by your dog being cut on its nail.

How to Stop Bleeding from Dog’s nail?

Dog's nail

After washing your hands, you should dry them out with a towel. It can be tempting to just use your fingers to rub the nail dry, but this can cause a lot of damage to the nail and make it bleed more. If you have any styptic powder on hand, apply some to the cut before applying a bandage. This will stop the bleeding by absorbing the blood and reduce any irritation and pain the dog may experience.

If you don’t have styptic powder available, wash you hands again and put a light coating of advil or chin-chin oil on your dog’s nail. Both of these will help stop the bleeding in your dog’s nail and will heal any pain or irritation it causes very quickly.

Stop Your Dog’s Nail Bleeding Fast and Avoid Infection

If you’re using a styptic pen, the bleeding should really stop quickly. If it doesn’t, apply some pressure with your fingers by pushing down gently on your dog’s nail. The pin will squeeze your skin right away, and you will feel lots of blood coming out. This will help remove any excess blood in the nail that may cause excessive bleeding. It will also force more blood to flow into the nail that can aid in healing this injury. If you think that the bleeding is still too much, you can use your thumb and push upwards on your dog’s nail to help get rid of more blood.

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As well as using a styptic pen to stop bleeding, you should also treat any pain your dog experiences. Just like people, dogs become frustrated when they suffer an injury that prevents them from doing what they want. You can help relieve his stress by giving him advil (which is safe for pets) or chin-chin oil (which many vets use on their own animals). Ice also helps reduce swelling from this injury. If you are not sure about doing the mentioned treatment on your own, consult a vet immediately.

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