How to Sleep for Lower Back Pain?

“As a person who has struggled with chronic lower back pain, I have learned to live with the quirks of my body. The thing about chronic pain is that it can make you feel isolated and disconnected from the world — until one day, when you learn something completely new about yourself.” In this blog post, the author shares a personal experience of living with lower back pain and how it changed her life. With this nightstand stand, she became able to sleep through the night without waking up in back pain or feeling any pressure on her spine.

How to sleep with lower back pain?

  • Firstly, make sure that you have a comfortable mattress.
  • Secondly, get a good quality pillow. Peter, who suffers from chronic back pain, has advised me on the best pillow to relieve pain while also ensuring that blood is flowing to the head and not accumulating there while sleeping.)
  • Thirdly, do not read too much before falling asleep. Best sleep comes when it is least expected! Don’t overthink or worry too much about anything when going to bed. 
  • This would mean that one should not: get into bed with a lot of worries, go through messages/emails as mentioned above, or eating/consuming something just before bed (especially spicy food).
  • Finally, make sure that you go to bed and get up at the same time everyday. Sleep is very important to reduce the stress in the body and is thus necessary. Do not sleep in if you wake up late or on weekends. Get up at the same time everyday! Try to be consistent!

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FAQs about Back pain
1) How painful is back pain?
  • Typically, back pain is classified as mild, moderate or severe.
    At first, the pain may be mild — this pain is commonly referred to as “the morning stiffness”. It is the kind of stiffness that takes you a few minutes to get over in the morning. This occurs due to muscles getting stiff from being inactive for a few hours after sitting in one place for too long.
2) How do you treat back pain?
  • There are several treatments that can be tried depending on the type of back pain. These include: physical therapy, medication, surgery, and progressive exercises. In my case, I have been able to relieve the pain by doing physical therapy (which is not fun at all), as well as taking a medicine known as tramadol – which helps me get through my day without suffering from back pain. This can be found in most pharmacies or drug stores.
3) How do you prevent back pain? What is the best way to eliminate lower back pain?
  • The best way to reduce the chances of suffering from lower back pain is for people to exercise regularly. We are in an age where we are always told to exercise. The right way to do so is by exercising on a regular basis – no matter what the age or condition of the person being exercised on. This means that even if you have chronic back pain, you should still be able to exercise regularly without causing damage to your back.

As mentioned before, avoid sitting/sitting for too long, avoid cravings for spicy foods (as it puts pressure on the lower vertebrae), and make sure that you are sitting at a proper height so as not to cause pressure on your spine. Regularly and consistently exercising is a must! Sit ups, abdominal workouts and stair climbing work the core muscles tremendously well.

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