How to rotate the screen on a laptop?

Whether you’re watching movies or playing an intense game, it’s important that the screen be properly rotated on your laptop. It will save battery life and reduce eye strain. In this article, we’ve compiled resources that will teach you how to rotate a laptop’s screen in a variety of ways. There is no excuse for not having the proper orientation for your needs!

How to rotate back the screen ?

rotating laptop screen

All Windows laptops have a button that rotates the screen, but we recommend you use “Windows Key and P” instead of single key presses because it takes less time, is faster and available on all models.

1) Open Control Panel and click on the “Display” icon on the left side.

2) Click on “Multiple displays” on the left side of the window, and then click “Arrangement”. A new window will open, with a slider in the middle. Drag the slider to the right, so that it reads “Extend these displays,” and hit OK.

3) You will now be able to rotate your laptop screen by pressing key combinations, as described below:

• Windows Key + P (for Play)/Windows Key + F (for Full Screen): makes your laptop screen full again. The same works for Windows Key + O (for Optimize).

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  • In addition, the “Windows key” and number (1-4) buttons at the same time can also be used to rotate your screen, but you should be aware that this will rotate your screen in 90 degree increments and not smoothly like option 2.

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