How to make pizza in a grill microwave oven

So, basically, we all know that grill microwaves are not made for making pizza. You might have seen a ton of articles which claim that it’s completely impossible to make a pizza in a grill microwave oven. Although the pizza might not be as good as made in an OTG or Convection microwave, it can surely be made and it will taste just as good.

We are using a grill microwave, so of course, the rods are located only at the top. In a convection microwave, the rods lie both on the top and the bottom. So, first of all, lets just make the dough.

Ingredients for dough:(As Usual)
Olive oil

To prepare a dough, you can take help from YouTube. There are videos all over!

After preparing the dough, you have to cover it and place it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. After an hour, you can find that the yeast has caused the dough to expand. That’s completely normal.

After one hour, take the dough out. You can cut it into as many pieces as you like, depending on the number or size of pizzas you’re willing to make. Now, before putting pizza sauce and cheese in the pizza, we have to perform one step. Put your dough in a pan and cook it from one side for about 3 minutes. It is necessary to do this because:

1. As we are using a grill microwave for making the pizza, most possibly, we are not using any pizza tray. So, if we do not make one side of the pizza hard enough, it will be really difficult for the pizza to remain inside the grill stand and the dough or cheese will fall all over your microwave. The solid base of pizza acts as a pizza tray and maintains the pizza on the stand.

2. As our microwave only has rods at the top, the dough might be raw at the base. Placing it in a pan for 2-3 minutes cooks the pizza from it’s base as well.

After that, stuff the uncooked side of your pizza with cheese and pizza sauce. You can use small chicken pieces or pepperoni for toppings. It’s completely your choice. After that, put the pizza inside your microwave. If your microwave has frozen pizza mode, use it. If not, you can use grill-combo mode for about 10 minutes in a 800 watt microwave. (Remember: It  depends a lot on the power of your microwave)

Now, you might be thinking: if I need pan to cook one side anyway, what’s the use of microwave? How is the microwave worth it? What’s the difference between making pizza in a pan and making it in a grill microwave?

The main difference is the rods at the top. If you are making it in a pan, it’s almost impossible to get the upper side of the pizza cooked. But, with the help of a grill microwave, you can get that cheese and the upper part of your pizza perfectly cooked. The upper part of a pizza made in grill microwave oven is usually as good as that of convection oven or OTG. This is the most significant feature that makes a grill microwave better than solo microwave. In solo microwave oven, it’s really difficult to make a pizza. It’s far better to have a grill microwave if cooking is not the only purpose you’re buying it for.

But still: If you don’t want to cook at the microwave, and if you are buying the microwave just to make pizza and grill, you should rather think about an OTG. Therefore, a grill microwave oven is perfect for you if cooking and grilling is your primary purpose and baking is occasional.

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