How to Lose a Double Chin?

Many people would argue that the shape and size of the chin is a testament to who we are and what we value, whether it be our family and friends, personal hygiene and appearance. But new research says these aesthetic judgments can be based on misunderstanding at best — or more likely — on misinformation.

Though, if you want to lose your “double chin”, here’s how:

Chew (up and down) and rotate: Chewing and rotating stimulates muscle activity in the neck and lower face, which helps to activate fat burning processes. According to a study from Albany Medical College, those who chew gum lost nearly twice as much weight as those who didn’t. Researchers say gum may protect against weight gain because of its high level of physical activity, which burns calories. In fact, researchers found people who chew gum burn an average of 11 more calories a day than those who don’t.

Exercise: Researchers from the University of Cincinnati report that regular exercise has a significant effect on the body’s fat burning and metabolism rate and that even a small amount of exercise can lead to weight loss.

Don’t be lazy to exercise. As long as you live an active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet, you can prevent your chin from developing a double chin.

Additionally, some people may have a double chin due to their genetics. Chin reduction surgery also can be considered as one of the options.

Chewing gum for 20 minutes after every meal, as well as regular exercise, may be enough to prevent your double chin from getting any worse. If you combine these treatments with a healthy diet, as well as some serious facial toning exercises, you could see visible results in just a few weeks!

Thus, just a little amount of exercise, chewing gum and changing your eating habits can help prevent you from developing a double chin.


Be careful how you judge others. Their chin may not say who they are.

Hope this article helps you find the right way to lose your double chin. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below or contact us via the Contact Us Page.

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