How to Grow Green Onions?

Growing green onions is not difficult. But it can be tricky, especially if you are growing them for the first time. If you want to grow green onions but don’t know how to plant them or start them from seeds, then keep reading!

First off, remove all the green onion tops that are already visible in your garden because they grow too large and need more room. After this, dig a furrow in your garden where you want to plant your onions. This furrow should be about two inches deep and eight inches wide depending on where you live.

Plant green onion seeds in this trench vertically, covering them with a thin layer of soil. Make sure that the green onions “grow” end is facing up so they can receive enough nutrients from the sun.

After you have covered your green onion seeds with a thin layer of soil, water gently and regularly until they sprout. To help them sprout quicker, place a clear plastic bag over the furrow and secure it in place with a rock or other heavy object. This helps keep moisture in which is crucial for quick germination.

Now you just have to wait for your green onions to grow! After about four weeks, your green onions should be ready to harvest.

How to plant green onion seeds?

Plant onion seeds

When growing your own seeds, I suggest planting them in the spring. Keep them in a warm area so they sprout. Place them three or four inches deep in soil. Next, place them wherever you want your crop to grow. Place different types of greens around the onion so that they can intermingle and also eat each other’s leaves.

How to grow green onions from a bulb?

You can grow green onions from a bulb as well. Simply place the bulb in a container filled with soil and keep it in an area with lots of sunlight. Make sure to water it regularly so that it doesn’t dry out. It should sprout after a couple of weeks.

Steps for planting green onion seeds or bulbs:

In your garden, dig a furrow two inches deep and eight inches wide – depending on where you live – where you want to plant your onions.

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Dig up your onion seeds or bulbs and wash them with water.

Place the onions in the furrow, making sure that their “growing” end is facing up.

Cover the onions with a thin layer of soil, water them gently, and place a clear plastic bag over the trench so they don’t dry out.

Keep watering until your onions sprout 2-3 weeks after they are planted in your garden.

Take care of your green onions until they are ready to harvest 6-10 weeks later, depending on how warm you keep your garden areas during the summer months.

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