How to get slime out of the carpet?

Slime is one of those smells that you never want to be around. It makes you want to walk through it in your bare feet or just avoid being near it at all. Unfortunately, slime can very easily get out of hand and make a mess on the carpet. So what’s the best way to get slime out of the carpet? There are many methods; this article has a few ideas that could help you in whatever situation you’re dealing with.

Getting slime out of the carpet

Firstly, Determine how old the slime is. If it’s not too old and has just been left on the carpet, you can quite easily use some minor cleaning techniques. If the slime is a few days old or a week old and has already dried out, you’ll need to take more action than usual.

Remove all excess moisture from the carpet with a dry towel

If there are still wet patches on the carpet that have remnants of slime, you need to remove as much moisture as possible before attempting any cleaning. We recommend using a dry towel to wipe up as much moisture as possible, both from inside of the stain and outside surrounding it.

Use an appropriate cleaner

An appropriate, non-aggressive cleaner can help cut through the slime. Do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide because they can cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibers. For more information on safe cleaning, please refer to the article on carpet removal .

Vacuum thoroughly

This is extremely important for making sure the slime is fully removed. Since most of it has already dried out, you don’t want dirt and messes on your carpet. As well, if there’s still that much slime you need to clean a spot right away and try another method as there’s a good chance that spot will end up being full of slime again soon.

Apply a solvent cleaner to the carpet

Most of these work on the same principals as the dry towel. However, they’re more targeted at removing any excess slime that may have remained and not just moisture. For more information on how to remove greasy stains from carpets, please refer to this article .

Dampen a clean cloth with water….

Dampen a clean cloth with water and apply directly to the spot and gently rub for about 30 seconds until you see results.

While this is significantly less time than you’d use on a stain with grease, it’s still a good idea to continue rubbing until the carpet is free of any leftover slime. After that, however, you can switch to a faster-drying method of removing slime.

Use rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth

Just use rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth, and repeat the process by sliding over the spot in a similar way to how you used water on the cloth. It is advisable not to use rubbing alcohol on wool or silk carpets as it may cause damage.

This is not only effective against slime, but any other kind of stain that’s caused by oil. Some people also use this method when they have an ink stain; it should work well if you catch it right away and before it has already dried out. It’s important to be gentle with any alcohol when cleaning, as it can strip the carpet’s fibers and cause damage.

Make a paste made out of baking soda and warm water

Follow the same process as rubbing alcohol. This is great for babies who love to make messes with slime. It’s easy to clean up and it doesn’t require harsh chemicals. It also works well because you can use either hot or cold water to make a thick paste depending on how dry the slime is. If your carpet sustains some damage, you can apply some vinegar to neutralize the alkalinity of the baking soda.

Use a carpet shampoo or mild soap and water

This is a good way to ensure that your carpet has been properly cleaned of slime. However, if you have heavily soiled carpet, it may take more than one treatment to completely remove the slime. This technique is notoriously ineffective for previous stains so be sure to catch the slime before it gets too old.

Use WD-40 and wipe away the residue with dry towel

If the slime is still wet, you can use WD-40. It can dissolve most types of gunk and get your carpet clean. For more information on how to remove grease from carpets with WD-40, please refer to this article .

Make a paste out of baking soda and white vinegar

This is another cleaning method where you can customize the consistency. The baking soda should help dissolve the slime, while the vinegar will neutralize any odors left behind. If you’re concerned about staining, you may want to work more quickly with this method and make sure that you don’t let any of it dry in the carpet. However, if there isn’t much damage to your carpet, you may want to take your time with this technique and make sure that no residue is left behind.

Hope this article helped you getting the annoying slime out of the carpet.

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