How to get out nail polish from carpet

Every day, there’s one less shirt in the dryer. By the end of the week there’s none left. With each day that passes, I’m a little more frustrated by my inability to remove nail polish from my carpet. Each time I try to clean up with a towel, it takes me half an hour just pulling then pushing out drops of polish and cotton fibers. Anyone who’s tried removing nail polish from carpet knows this is not an easy task.

So, here it is..

Step by Step Guide on Getting out nail polish from carpet

  • Begin by scraping excess polish from the carpet with a dull knife or even a spoon.
  • Immerse into nail polish remover.
  • Let soak for 10 minutes.
  • Scrape with the dull knife again (or spoon, if you have nothing else handy) to remove any remaining polish. You might want to rinse throughly with hot water after this step.
  • Use the hair drier to dry the area quickly.
  • Use a towel or rag to wipe away the remaining polish.

Other ways to get out nail polish from carpet

1) Firstly, use a towel to soak up as much as you can into the towel.

2) Then use a hair drier or vacuum to dry remaining polish on the carpet. Let dry for about 15 minutes or so.

3) Use a clean cloth (or towels too), and rub away the polish. The best results can be expected if you use it while the carpet is still wet (the polish will come off very easily). If it is not, then simply wait for awhile until it completely dries out, then rub away stubborn remains using this method.

Tips: Don’t scrub too hard, just wipe away gently with some pressure with your clean cloth(s). If you scrub too hard, it will break up the carpet fibers and the new one will be less soft and durable.

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4) You may also use any home carpet cleaning products or professional carpet cleaning product to get out nail polish from carpet.

Note: If anything gets on the back of your rug, be sure to check that out, too. I’ve found that splattered polish also has a tendency to collect on rugs as they dry. It’s better to clean them while they’re wet, too.

Hope this helps! Good luck getting out nail polish from carpet! 🙂

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