How to discipline a cat?

Cats can sometimes act really annoying when they won’t stop scratching and climbing and demanding your attention – it’s like they’re trying to tell you something! Owners actually discipline their cats in a number of differeent ways. However, a funny thing is that cats sometimes try to discipline their owners, don’t they?

Ok. Firstly, there is the silent treatment tactic: This is when the cat walks away from you after scratching you. There’s also the “I only respond to my name” tactic: This is when your cat completely ignores your commands because he or she refuses to acknowledge that you are his or her owner. One other way cats discipline their owners is by refusing food: This happens when an owner comes home late after work for example, and makes his or her cat wait for them to arrive before feeding them.

Here’s how to discipline your cat

disciplined cat

Every cat owner should know how to discipline his or her cat. Here are a number of ways to do so:

Plastic bottles work best for disciplining cats. All you have to do is grab a bottle and shake it at your cat – this will scare him or her mightily! Cats can be given a stern talking-to as well, by loudly telling them “No!” and explaining the fact that they should stop annoying you. If these tactics don’t work, try spraying water on your cat – this is guaranteed to leave him or her drenched with guilt. You can also threaten your cat with a squirt bottle filled with water. This, like the plastic bottle method, will scare him or her to death. One other great way to discipline your cat is by screaming at it – some cats are terrified of loud noises and will always try to avoid them.

And don’t forget that you can discipline your cat forcibly by doing the following:

Yank his or her tail until he or she is screaming in pain.

Use diapers to confine your cat in a small area that is not his or her bedroom.

Make your cat sit in a high chair – when he or she does this, you can then pinch its belly!

These are all great ways to discipline your cat, and make sure you remember them before you leave home one day.

You can also try giving cats dietary supplements like Fenphed (a fish based supplement) or Feline Insectivore (an all-natural cat food with no additives).

How not to treat your cat?

Discipline cat

Here are the ways you should never treat your cat:

  1. Force them to eat kibble from a bowl.
  2. Use a laser pointer to play with them all the time.
  3. Give them a really weird, homemade diet of more kibble and some vegetables.
  4. Spend a couple of hundred dollars on a microchip that you can find at Walmart for $15.
  5. Make them sleep in the garage when you aren’t home. 
  6. Treat them like they’re not family and don’t let your kids play with them, but when your cat is having surgery, ask him if he’s okay.
  7. Decide it’s time to “put down” your cat because he’s not living up to your expectations and put him in a box and drop him off at the vet without telling anyone. 
  8. Let your cat outside all the time without supervision or protection.
  9. Offer to take your cat to be euthanized at the vet, but then don’t take him because you thought you’d get to spend the day with him.
  10. When your cat doesn’t want to play, give up on trying to interact with them altogether.  Or, even worse, convince yourself that they’re “busy” and leave them alone for hours at a time.

It’s better to never own a cat rather than treating them like mentioned above.

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Stop buying kibble and go out and get them some real meat (wild-caught tuna, chicken and turkey).  It will be less expensive than kibble, more nutritious for them and they’ll like it better.  If you’re too busy to cook for yourself, cook for them instead.
If you can’t or don’t want to take your cat outside, add a litter box plus additional enclosed space (a screen room is great) for the cat so they have a safe place to play when they want.

Just remember no matter how hard you try, your cat will always be your best friend. Here are some other interesting facts about cats:

  • Cats are really good at hiding their emotions so you wouldn’t know if they are angry or happy – they just sit there silently!
  • Cats can read your moods – If you’re feeling sad, then the cat will sit nearby and stare at you with its head tilted to one side. If it senses that you’re happy, the cat will rub its body against yours and give you a loving tender kiss.
  • Cats are very independent – they usually never ask for anything, they just do what they want, when they want.
  • Cats don’t feel the need to apologize or explain themselves – because in their minds, cats are always right!

Sometimes when your cat is angry at you, it will sit in the same room and stare at you while it refuses to acknowledge that you exist.

Hope this article helped, and your car has now learned at least some discipline…

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