How to curl your hair with straightener?

Curling your hair with a straightener is way easier than it sounds. In this post, we’ll go over the steps to achieve a head of waves, spirals, or curls. Whether you’re looking for a tight curl or a voluminous wavy fringe, these tips will have you well on your way to achieving whichever hairstyle you desire.

So, when do I use the straightener?
It depends on the style! You can do curls in about any situation, but you’ll need to heat your hair up beforehand to achieve maximum results.

What are my options when it comes to straighteners?

There are tons of different types of straighteners out there. If you’re looking for a high-end product, check out this post with our top picks . However, if you’re on a budget, I recommend checking out our budget curlers piece , which gives an overview of the different features and price points available in the industry.

How do I curl with a straightener?

First off, you’ll want to look at the iron. There are different kinds of curlers on the market, so be sure to find one that suits your hair type and goals. If you’re looking for a tighter curl, then go with a small or medium-sized curler . If you’re looking for an open, wave-like curl , then go with a larger curler .

You’ll need to use some form of heat protection. For my curly hair, I use pure coconut oil all over my hair , but if your hair is fine or super damaged, oil spray would work well too.

Curly hair

Step 1: Section your hair
If you’re doing a bun or pony, then you can simply section it into two sections. For other styles, you’ll want to use a comb or brush to part your hair. I comb my hair in the morning before work because I don’t have time to do this before leaving for school, but it’s important not to use too much heat to make sure you don’t burn the back of your head!

Step 2 : Wet your hair
Wet your hair well with water. Old-fashioned curling irons are great for this step because they produce less friction than using a flat iron , so your hair stays frizz-free due to less friction.

Step 3 : Prep your hair (optional)
If you want to get even better results, prep your hair! I like to use a heat protectant spray before I curl my hair. You can find DIY recipes for heat protectant spray on  this post . Try different recipes, but make sure you’re using something that leaves no white cast behind. Water is your best bet because it helps you style your curls while keeping your ends protected.

Step 4: start curling
Take a section of the hair and wrap the iron around it. Be sure to hold it in place for about 10 seconds or so.

Step 5: curl into a spiral
Once your section is cool, you can either let it sit there for a few seconds with loose curls or follow my next step with tighter curls. I start by placing the iron right above my natural part and moving it down towards my face as I curl towards the back of my head. I only hold the section of hair for about 10-15 seconds at a time, but check out this instructional video on how to curl your hair more tightly .

If you’re doing a tighter curl, try this method instead.

Step 6: separate curls with fingers or comb
I like to separate my curls with my fingers. It may take some practice, but if you want to get perfect spirals (like me), then go ahead and separate them with your fingers. For other styles like waves, you’ll want to use a comb instead.

Step 7: pull it through!
After I pull out the iron, I bring the rest of the hair over my head and let it fall down. This step isn’t necessary but I like having all of my hair in one place instead of scattered about the back of my head .

Step 8: finish your creation
Once your hair is dry, you can try it out! If you’re looking for just loose curls, then just let the hair fall into place. If you’re looking for tight curls, then gently pull it up and over to one side of the head before letting the rest fall. I like to pin my hair up with a headband (like this ) so that it holds my waves in place all day long.

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WARNING: Curling and straightening your hair can be dangerous if you don’t do it properly. So please do it carefully.

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