How to cite a website in text apa?

There are some guidelines that need to be met in order for your sources to be correctly cited. For instance, it is necessary to provide the author’s name, article’s title, and the publishing date (if available). Additionally, if someone else has written an article on this topic before you, you should include the URL of their page as well. So, let’s walk through how to cite a website in text apa style in brief.

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First of all, just note that you’re citing a website by italicizing the title of the site and then putting quotation marks around it (“”). The first step of citation is just providing all relevant information about where this site can be found on your computer or online using its url. In order to do this, use the following template:

Author’s name. Title of article or piece. Name of Website. Name of Institution or Organization. Date retrieved (if applicable)

“Title of Article.” Title of Website . Website Name, n.d., Web. Date Accessed, https://www . website-name .com/article-title-here

If you want to cite a different website format that doesn’t have a date attached to it, just leave off the date retrieved from the citation example above and you’ll be fine.

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For example, if I wanted to cite an article that was on the website, I would use the following text:

“Title of Article.” Title of Website . Website Name, n.d., Web. https://www . titleofthewebsite .com/article-title-here

If you need more help on how to cite a website in text apa style, please comment below.

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