How to burp a baby while sleeping?

Babies tend to get gassy from time to time, and if they’re unable to release the gas from their stomach, it tends to build up. Gas builds up because food goes through the digestive system a lot quicker than it does in an adult or older child. In this post, I will present you a step by step guide about burping your baby while sleeping.

To burp a baby while asleep, all you need is a gentle pat on the back. If your baby is awake, try holding his chest so he doesn’t cry too much and try feeding him some breast milk or formula before he goes back to sleep for another round of sleep.

Step-by-step guide on burping a baby when sleeping

  • Place the baby on your right side in their right hip-side position. – Hold their chest so they don’t cry and feed them. – When they settle down on your left side, gently pat their back while they are still on your lap.

So every newborn craving is going to be felt a bit easier and more easily relieved when you burp them as soon as they wake up or as soon as you notice them having some gas buildup.

How to burp a baby when they are sleeping on their back? pat their back gently.

And this is going to help relieve any gas buildup that may be causing discomfort for your baby. Extra bonus if you can also get them a burping cup or bottle and just make the process easier for themselves 🙂 (Click here to check out our wide variety of Burping Cups and related products at the Amazon store!)

If your baby is awake, you can also try to use the popular “formula burping method”. This is better if they are older but this may help.

To do so, put a few drops of formula on your finger and place it in their mouth and pat them on their back. Make sure you don’t give them to much since this can cause diarrhea and upset stomachs.

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