7 Things Future Millionaires Avoid

Being a millionaire, of course, is not easy. And if it’s easy, it’s no fun. For your information, there are currently about 47 million millionaires in the world, among which 60 percent are “outside USA”. If you want to become a self-made millionaire in the future, you have to avoid certain things which average people don’t. The most important thing  is to be capable to adapt yourself to avoid these things.

To become a millionaire in the future is in fact not easy. And to do something which is not easy, you have to keep yourself in shape, not only physically, but mentally as well.

1. TV & Web Series

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If you want to make millions, the first thing you want to do is completely stop watching Netflix. Do you know how much time you are spending on the web series? Yes, you do. But you surely don’t know how valuable that time is. At the present, almost everyone watches Netflix. And due to that reason, everyone ‘else’ watches it too. But, everyone is not a millionaire. If you want to become a millionaire, you have to think and behave like a millionaire. You have to do what average people don’t. It’s that simple.

Rather than watching the web series, you can utilize your valuable time thinking about the strategies to earn more money. You can read books or watch videos related to that. But, if you are willing to become a millionaire, do not get addicted to Netflix, Television and games at all. You can always do this after you reach the million-dollar mark, can’t you?

2. Future Millionaires may Avoid Things like The “iPhones”

Within this particular article, ‘iPhone’ means not only apple’s iPhone, but all kind of “iPhones” out there. The kinds of iPhones are Gucci & other expensive clothes, expensive shoes, expensive t-shirts, expensive cars and our own Apple iPhone. You should not even think about any of these before you are worth million dollars. Remember: These iPhones are only for two sets of people:

Category 1: The rich ones, who have a multi-million dollar mansion, hundreds of thousands dollars worth of cars and can afford to wipe off their butt with 100$ bills.

Category 2: Those who are satisfied with their 8 hour job and have accepted this as the part of reality. Their aim is not to become rich. And, that’s not wrong at all. They want to enjoy the present, which is good.

If all that you want is enjoying the present, just buy these “iPhones”. If you are willing to become rich, you better avoid those, until you belong to the first category as stated above. 

3. Is Gambling an Option for a Future Millionaire?

Gambling is never an option for you to become a future millionaire. It’s always better to stay far away from it. Those who are going to become rich, will always avoid any kind of gambling. That’s all to be said about gambling.

4. Overthinking/Thinking too far ahead

Most people fail because they see that someone else is already there, and realise that they still have still got a long way to go, just to become equal as him. For example: Sam, your neighbor has a black Lamborghini, a house worth 2 million dollars, and an expensive dog.This might distract you from the way, because you have a lot to do, just to be like him.

Some people even dream with open eyes that they have already become successful, that they already own a house and cars worth millions of dollars and suddenly realise that they still have got a mountain to climb. This will destroy their determination, leading to an instant failure. You have to avoid these kinds of thoughts and keep moving. Remember, not everybody can!

5. Not paying attention to your mental health

avoid mental tension

To become a millionaire in the future is in fact not easy. And to do something which is not easy, you have to keep yourself in shape, not only physically, but mentally. If you don’t pay attention to your mental health, pessimistic thoughts will rule over you, making it really difficult to make right choices.

You should completely avoid negative thoughts as mentioned in the above points, so that your brain remains nice and calm, which will often result to making correct decisions at the vital time. One good decision can decide if you are going to become a millionaire. Good mental health will make it 10X easier for you.

6. Focusing on multiple things at a time

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Most of the people, who have hundreds of ideas never even tend to start them. What you have to do, is to have one passion and start working on that. If you focus on multiple things at a time, you are highly likely to fail. Just for example, a lot of people often try to imitate what famous people do. If they see a football player, they want to become a football player. If they see a successful YouTuber, YouTube suddenly becomes their passion. Same applies when they see a scientist, model, actor, etc. In this way, they themselves do not know what their passion really is.

If you want to get rich, you have to stick with your passion. Speaking in terms of science, your passion must always remain a constant and should not be relative to other people’s success. 😉

7. Not making a proper strategy

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If you are a future Millionaire, you don’t want to randomly keep doing something, expecting to get struck by luck, or expecting everything to work properly without working for that. Nothing will happen by itself. You have to make it happen. You have to make a proper strategy for everything. ‘Strategy’ does not mean only business strategies. If you are day trading, you have to make precise plans of ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do under certain circumstances of loss or profits. Bonus Point: Do not chase losses while trading. Most people lose money while investing in stocks due to this reason.

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Even if you are currently doing a job, you can make proper planning of how much percentage of your income to save in order to start business or invest in stocks in the near future. No matter which field you are in, the plan must be crystal clear. If you intend to become rich, you should never do anything without purpose. Whatever you are doing and will do must be a part of the plan. Without precise planning, you can not become a millionaire, unless you get struck by a huge luck.


If you avoid everything stated above, you exceptionally increase your odds to become a multi-millioniare in the future. To be more precise with the odds, it would be more like 7/10 if you avoid the above points, versus the 2/10, if you don’t. If you are a future millionaire, most likely, you are already avoiding the above mentioned points. If you don’t already, you have to make yourself capable to adapt for that, which most people fail to do. 

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