How to bake bacon in an oven?

Bacon is one of the most revered breakfast entrĂ©es in the world. It’s been a staple of American cuisine for decades, but not everyone has an oven in their kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to bake bacon in an oven, without turning on your stove, try this.

Step-by-step guide on how to bake bacon in an oven

  • Firstly, get yourself a rack and place it approximately two inches away from the top of your oven.
  • Next, line your pan with tin foil and cook the bacon on one side without flipping until it’s charred to your liking.
  • After you’ve removed the bacon, turn down to medium heat and cook it for an additional 7 minutes.
  • After that point, you can use whichever cooking method you choose: oven, microwave or stovetop! Reheat them until they’re hot if you’d like!
  • Enjoy!

And there you go! It really is easy to bake bacon in your oven! Hope you enjoyed reading this article, check back next week for more delicious recipes!

FAQs about bacon

What is the best way to cook bacon?

Bacon should be cooked over medium heat. It has a lot of fat in it and will burn easily. If you want to make sure you get your bacon just right, drop it into the oil and wait until it changes color before removing (they will only take about 45 seconds).

Do I need to use a brine for my bacon?

  • If you’re making thick cut bacon, yes! It’s essentially salt water that acts as a preservative. This prevents the fats from going rancid. If you’re making small thin strips of regular cut bacon then no.

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Are bacons good for health?

  • There is a lot of debate about this. Bacon does have vitamins such as vitamin D and protein. However, the amount of sodium and saturated fats in bacon can damage your heart and liver. Just be sure to eat bacon in moderation!

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