How to get rid of hiccups for a baby? | 9 effective ways

Hiccups are quite common during infancy. Most babies start hiccupping before they can even sit up on their own. It’s believed that hiccups are the result of the natural reflex of your diaphragm contracting too forcefully against your esophagus, causing it to spasm. Sometimes, extreme excitement may set off more severe cases of hiccups in infants, but they’re often harmless and temporary if left untreated.

It can be difficult to lay your baby down for a nap when the little one constantly has hiccups. If you were/are in this situation, here are some ways to get rid of it for your baby.

9 ways to stop hiccups for your baby


Breast feeding

Babies fed by breast milk typically experience fewer hiccups than formula-fed babies. Breast feeding mothers naturally have a toned diaphragm and stronger larynx, which reduces the pressure on the esophagus and allows for the infant’s body to naturally react quicker when it feels threatened.

Allowing baby to go lower when crying

While a baby is crying, the larynx relaxes and the vocal chords stretch out to their full length, which allows the chest and lungs to expand and contract freely, facilitating the natural release of hiccups. While trying this method would be an ideal choice for a mother who has no special talent or knowledge in dealing with hiccups for a baby, we still advise taking the baby to a pediatrician immediately so he can monitor and treat your child properly.

Apply pressure on baby’s forehead

This is a common suggestion that tries to stimulate your baby’s brain into stopping the hiccups. It may be effective, but it may have some side effects, so consider applying light pressure on baby’s forehead while trying other methods if possible.

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Separating baby from your partner or another stimulated person

It’s not uncommon for babies to get hiccups when their parents are making sudden movements, laughing too loud, singing loudly, or even talking too passionately. To get rid of the hiccups in babies, try separating your spouse or other from the infant.

Feed baby while burping

Burping increases the flow of gas in your baby’s digestive system, which helps him/her get rid of air more quickly. If you feed your infant while burping, this may help calm him/her down and stop the hiccups faster.

Slowly slapping the back of your baby’s head

This may sound like a radical suggestion, but it’s actually not that uncommon for doctors to use this method to treat babies with severe cases of hiccups. Try not to slap your baby’s head too hard, or you may accidentally give him/her a concussion.

Feeding your baby with a spoon

Feeding your infant with a spoon rather than by bottle can help eliminate hiccups if the method is done correctly. Try feeding your baby VERY slowly, pausing frequently to let him/her burp. If you are still experiencing hiccups after the feeding is complete, try burping your infant again before settling him/her down for a nap.

Feeding baby while standing up

Rather than laying your child down to feed them, stand them up. It will only work if the baby does not make extreme movements during feedings. Give it a try and see how it goes.

Feed while sitting up

Try feeding your infant sitting up – this may prevent him/her from making sudden movements that will cause hiccups. There’s no guarantee that this will work, but it’s worth a shot!

We hope that these 9 ways to get rid of hiccups in babies will work in your case! If you have any additional suggestions or tips for us, please post them in the comment section below.

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