France's temperature up since 1945

France experiences hottest October since 1945

According to the national meteorological service Meteo-France, October 2022 was the hottest October in France since 1945, with an average temperature of 17.2 degrees Celsius.

Last month’s average temperature was close to or slightly above 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit), which was three to four degrees higher than the previous record in October 2001, when temperatures averaged 16.3C.

The second half of the month saw an unusually long and intense period of unseasonably high temperatures, with the southwestern city of Bordeaux recording the latest 30 degrees Celsius since records began on Oct. 16.

Meteo-France reported that the average temperature in October was about 3.5 degrees Celsius higher than usual across the country.

Citing the weather service, Reuters reported that the second half of October 2022 was marked by unusually long and intense heat.

It went on to say that the average temperature at 30 weather stations across the country has been above normal since October 2.

On October 23, this unprecedented heat was accompanied by violent thunderstorms over a large part of the country, causing significant damage, particularly in the northern region, according to Meteo-France.

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