Food safety and sanitization for health

Good health depends on food safety and proper sanitization. In other words, food and sanitization are the factors that determine health. Diseases do not entertain cleanliness. They fear with good food as it provides your body strong immunity to fight against them. Until you care and maintain a standard level of eating and sanitizing habit, you, to the much extent, can remain away from diseases and enjoy your good health.

What are good foods?

Our body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. It is like a machine and needs enough calories to keep it on working. So, you need to select foods which contain necessary types of vitamins and minerals. Similarly, our body needs fats and carbohydrates, too. Calcium is also a key factor for the growth and strength of your bones. If you could arrange such foods in your everyday meal, your health remains good. Even the Corona virus does not dare to attack you if your body has got a good immunity power.

However, right amount always matters. If you eat more than necessary, the food itself will be harmful to your health. Some fat, which our body does not produce, we need to consume. But having food with more fat is not good for health. Likewise, carbohydrate-rich food gives you energy, but too much of such foods can increase your extra weight, leading your body to become victim of other diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.

food safety matters

Then how much you should eat depends on how much physical work you normally do. If you do too little physical activities but eat a lot, it means you are giving invitation to different kinds of diseases. On the contrary, if you do hard physical work but eat too little, which is not enough to supply your body with required elements, again you are inviting hazards to attack on your health. The solution of this problem is that you first of all must ensure how much physical exercise in or work you normally do, and eat accordingly.

What about good sanitisation?

In addition to proper food, sanitization also plays key role to determine your health. Sanitization involves both– inner and outer cleanings. Here, inner cleaning includes keeping you body away from harmful bacteria and germs. As such bacteria and germs are too small to see with your naked eyes, they can take benefits of their size to enter into your body, without coming to your notice. Before Covid, many people, as data show, did consider to be so important to wash hands even before eating something holding in it. Thanks to Covid, it has at least made us aware that viruses and germs are invisible, and we can protect us ourselves from them by always remaining neat and clean.

sanitization for health

Apart from washing hands, taking a timely bath for cleaning your body is very important. We work outside, perhaps in office or in field, from where we unknowingly carry uncountable harmful germs and bacteria home. We cannot eliminate the the small monsters until we appropriately wash our body. Without being fatigued, if you habituate yourself in doing routine-cleaning, you can possibly prevent diseases from defeating you.

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In the same way, we should be very much aware about the outer sanitization. It includes from keeping your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cleaning to the cleanliness of your office or workplace. If you have kept these places (where you work or sit or play or do any other activities) clean or sanitized, you will be able to maintain your good health.


In this way, food and sanitation are key factors in our life. Many know this, but can have been under estimating the fact that their negligence can be fatal. Therefore, an intelligent person, who loves their life or wants to live a healthier life, understands that food and sanitization determine health. So, we must give first priority to considering food safety and maintaining proper sanitization for good health for ever.

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