Fashion in the future: 2050s and onward

Everything changes along with technological advancement that, more or less, takes place in course of time. It had taken thousands of years for our ancestors to be able to discover and use the ‘fire’. Without proper technology, people before the mediaeval era had no idea even about the solar system. They thought that the earth was the center of it, not the Sun. Then, industrialization brought socio-cultural transformation in the world, reanalyzing the socio-economic relations. From the early decades of the century, there came a new perspective to see the universe and existence. Since then the value of then important indexes of civilization, including the fashion, began to degrade: search for more knowledge through new technology subconsciously got priority. In the same way, fashion in the future, specially in 2050s and onward, will remarkably go down, replacing the current definition of it with some other definition.

What Changes will Occur

2050s fashion

The changes that took place in the last 100 years exceed the changes taken place in the previous 2k . Now, technological evolution has been accelerating, providing foundation for the overall transformation. Therefore, in the upcoming 30 years, we can imagine that we will observe many more changes than those which we have witnessed in the whole last century.

In fact, 2050 is almost 30 years from now. However, the coming 30 years can not be comparable to the previous 30 years. In 30 years since 1990, there was unprecedentedly enormous development in the human civilization. However, the newer technologies and techniques discovered and developed during the period has formed so strong foundation for the future that overall human perspective, not only on fashion, on everything, every relation, every aspect of social phenomena like religion, culture, gender etc. will change radically. The period will define fashion in a new way: ‘face on’ is better than ‘fashion’.

After 2050, fashion will definitely change, becoming more colorful, advanced with technological inputs and more comfortable. In 1990s, blue jeans, T shirts, short skirts and short pants were popular.  were also very popular then. Although blue jeans and T-shirts are still enough popular, tight night-club dresses are almost outdated now. This trend shows that some fashion-items can go long with popularity, whereas, some others expire earlier. However, we are talking about after the next 30 years time span in 2050s. At that time, importance of fashion will have been left far behind. he world’s motion will have been accelerating with unprecedented, competitive scientific advancements. Wait 30 more years to view yourself wearing dresses, changing their color themselves according to your needs. Your shoes and socks will be attached and you will use a small switch to remove and place them in a rack.

Radical Changes

Moreover, you will be able to go to your office located at about a 10 miles distance from home, just by using controllable wheels of your shoes. If you are in a hurry, you could use your flying car, which you can land on the rooftop– it won’t need an airport to land.

Similarly, the time will redefine the economic and domestic roles of men and women. In 2050s and onward, they both will wear similar fashion in the future and there will remain no distinction between their appearances on the basis of fashion and outlooks. Nobody will look surprisingly if they see a man wearing a woman’s nightclothes while attending a meeting. Formalities as of now will no more be in existence. Social relations will completely take shape of general contracts. Such relationships will be liable to be legally dismissed any time if a side wants it to happen. Everything, including relationships, clothes, friendships etc., will be for utilization in order to get profit. It means the stage of civilization will be the climax of the ongoing ‘profit-loss’ centered human civilization.

Such trend will consistently exist until human beings will feel the need of human unity in order to face outer challenges like an invasion of some extraterrestrial beings. The fear will bring all nations in one  place. Their focus will not be on fashion or gender or ethnicity. Instead, everyone will be trying to find ways to deal with the upcoming threats– the threats of unknown sky-travellers.

Fashion Vs Inward Quality
fashion in 2050s

Intelligent people have already started to realize that clothes may not be as important as the overall quality. COVID-19 has also made many people realize the fact that fashion deserves much less priority. It has installed the inspiration that an expensive suit or precious ornaments can’t protect them even from an unnoticeable Corona virus or other unknown enemies something like that. This impression may lead the people’s concept about fashion towards the fact that wearing clothes is important only to the extent that it covers your otherwise naked body and protects you from natural phenomena like heat and cold. They will understand that outer beauty matters only to absurd attractions. They understand that it seems initially worthy and later on proves to become filthy and messy.

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But, this any means does not decrease the demand. So fashion design and production will go on because human civilization has become much addicted to fashion. t has become essential for them even for adjusting themselves with nature. Only changes in style, quality and wearing quantity will appear.


Already in the opening of the 21st century, smart clothing and electronic textiles emerged to public attention. This form of wearable technology offered the potential to enhance a user’s everyday experiences in ways that traditional fabrics could not. Space travel has already started. For this,  scientists have developed specially built clothes, which we can’t wear in normal conditions. By 2050, importance of fashion will face direct blow from technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

These may also affect the diversity and wearability of a simple shirt. This may shift towards wearable technology. Then it is not surprising to see future clothing incorporating gadgets as part of what we wear.  Therefore, the upcoming technology and AI will have the hardest as well as decisive impact on the fashion world in the future or after 2050s and onward.

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