How to apply for a college?

There are a ton of college applications to be filled out in the USA. Luckily, this blog just got done compiling a list of the most important things you have to do when applying for college so you don’t have to stress about it.

Step-By-Step Guide on how to apply for a college

-Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

-Fill out the Common Application

-Fill out the College Board’s Application for college admission(or any other college applications offered)

-If you’re going to a 4 year college, be sure to fill out a tuition waiver form. Take this form to your guidance counselor and they will keep it on file. A tuition waiver is also known as an enrollment certification form. Be sure to take both forms if you plan on applying to more than one 4 year college in the state of Arizona, California, Texas etc..

-Fill out any other application(s) that are required by your school or by your desired major/field of study.

-Fill out an admissions evaluation that is offered by your school. This helps them to decide whether or not you have a high enough GPA to be considered.

-Have your 3.0 GPA or higher sent to your school of choice, as well as any other schools that you are applying for if you are applying for multiple colleges.

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Things To Consider:

-Make sure you check the deadlines for each application before you actually send it in. Most schools have very short deadlines, so make sure to send them a letter before they stop accepting applications. Also make sure to keep track of when your application was accepted by each school.

-Once you get accepted, choose a college that is close to your home and family. Try to apply for some type of financial aid and work with the financial aid office to get more money than you would owe at your current school.

-If you’re filling out applications because of high school courses and not possibly going back for a change in major, than it is important that you take these courses for grades only so you decide which classes are easiest for you.

-Don’t feel the need to apply for each and every college out there. If might be quit econfusing.

And that’s about it for now. Good luck with your college applications and I hope it goes as smoothly as possible! Have fun(: !

FAQs about applying for a College

How much do Applications cost?
It depends on where you apply and what type of school you want to go to. Most colleges have an application fee, but there are also some online colleges that don’t charge a thing. There are many non-profit colleges (College for Creative Studies, San Diego State University, etc.) for very little money as well. If you choose to go with a public college, then the cost would be free of course!

How can I save money on College?
Cut Back on sodas and fast food/snacks.

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