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A Michelin-starred chef displays climate-friendly cuisine from the Eiffel Tower

Although a fancy restaurant on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor may not seem like the ideal location for environmental activism, Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx wants to turn it into a showcase for cuisine that is climate-friendly.

His “Madame Brasserie” restaurant gives customers a breathtaking view of Paris and a taste of how the restaurant business may set a greener table by providing seasonal and local ingredients that are cooked with the lowest amount of energy possible.

As his staff readied for the evening service, Marx was putting the finishing touches on an appetizer of leeks. He stated his menu was developed to lessen the restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Reuters quoted Marx as saying that those leeks were cultivated less than 50 kilometers away at that time and were in season. He said they cook them in their own juices, and we garnished them with herb shoots from an organic garden within the Paris ring road that were supplied by bicycle.

French chef Thierry Marx poses
French chef Thierry Marx poses at the Eiffel Tower restaurant ‘Madame Brasserie’ with a dish that he says is more environmentally-friendly in Paris, France. (REUTERS/Yiming Woo)

“It is simple, has a limited carbon impact, is easy to eat, and is economical—we do our job with minimal environmental impact,” said Marx.

Marx, who owns many restaurants and is a national celebrity due to his participation in TV cooking shows, claimed that starting with its opening in June, the entire restaurant had been built to save water and energy. Marx received his first Michelin star in 1998.

He remarked that twenty years ago, a restaurant like this would have been blazing hot before the evening service, with all the ovens and hobs operating.

His team now uses copper casseroles and induction cookers, which only heat the pan and don’t heat the entire kitchen.

According to Marx, the awareness of all this has frequently been a little late in this profession, but today there are very few restaurant or hotel owners who don’t want to make this change. “We are currently experiencing an energy crisis and an environmental crisis,” he concluded.

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