5 tactics to get your article read by more people

Every article is the same. That might be good for businesses with copious amounts of product, but if you’re an artist, writer, or of other creative type, trying to get your work seen by the masses, there are some things that just don’t seem to work. This blog post will present you with 5 simple tactics that will help you to get your article read by more people.

You don’t have to be a product of the corporate world to know that you can’t simply give it all away. You can’t pay for links, and there’s no money in it for someone who relies on free promotion. This isn’t anything new.

How to Make People Read Article?

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Not long ago, I was sitting around with a group of friends discussing various writing tips; some tried, but few succeeded. Just about every writer out there has stories about their best known pieces–that netted them almost nothing. You may be thinking that you’ll never come across this problem in your career by now, but if you’re like most writers, you’ve fallen victim to this at least once; maybe even more than once.

The facts are, you can’t rely on links to promote your stuff. If you find your work appearing all over the place, chances are you’ve received some link spam or number of links from questionable sources. It happened to me too much.

As well, the same article posted to many different blogs isn’t good for you either. Several people may see it, but they’re not necessarily talking about it with each other. So what are you left with?

If this is how things are for another writer, then that means that there are other methods out there that truly work–and help them get their material seen by more people.

The following are 5 tactics that will help you get your article read by more people.

1) Don’t be afraid to analyze them

One thing you can do is to take a look at the best articles you’ve ever written, and learn from their strategy. Do they have similar titles? What keywords appear most frequently? Is there any way you can make your title more enticing? Is there a certain section of your article that connected with readers the most?

2) Ask for reviews

If many people saw the piece but none really connected with it, then maybe it’s just not their kind of thing. It’s worth asking for feedback to see how you can improve in the future.

3) Be passionate about your subject

Of course, your article won’t be super compelling if it doesn’t really move you personally. When you feel like writing, talk about what interests you, not what others want to hear.

4) Provide new information on a familiar subject

So many articles these days seem like a rehash of the same stuff we’ve all heard before. If you can provide new or interesting material, you might get more people interested.

5) Create an entertaining piece with clever content and wordplay

Some of the best writers will also be comedians. They’ll use figurative language and humor to keep their readers engaged and coming back for more. Even if your style is different, it’s worth experimenting with some comedy to see what kind of results you can get.

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There’s nothing worse than clicking on an article just to find it barely relevant or not even that interesting. This may be because it lacks in quality, offers no value, or is just plain boring. If you want your article to get more clicks, give people some visual variety and high value in the blog post.

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