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5 Best Freeze Dried Candy Stores


If you’re looking for a delicious and fun treat, you’ll love freeze dried candy! This type of candy is made by freezing the candy and then drying it out, which gives it a unique texture and flavor. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy your favorite candy without the mess! The unique texture is made possible by the freeze drying process, which removes water from the candy without affecting its structure. This means that the candy retains its original shape, color, and flavor. And because there’s no water in the candy, it’s shelf-stable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

One of the best things about freeze dried candy is that it’s a healthy alternative to traditional candy. This type of candy is made with real fruit and is a good source of fiber and vitamins. Plus, it’s lower in calories and fat than traditional candy. And because the water has been removed, it is also lower in sugar.

If you’re looking for a fun and delicious treat, you’ll love freeze dried candy! But I am more specific; my space trip is next week, and I’ve not bought these candies yet. Where to buy these little candies from? Okay, without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Freeze Dried candy stores in the US

Freeze dried candies do not currently have an enormous following in the United States, but there are a few good stores that specialize in them. On average, these candies cost $7.5 per bag. Another option is to buy them online from a retailer like Amazon. Here are some of the best-specialized freeze dried candy stores in the United States:


the freeze dried candy store is my personal favorite spot for finding old-timey freeze dried candy and snacks. They have a wide variety of taffy, hard candy, and other sweets that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. The store also offers a variety of retro sodas, which are perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day. In addition to its great selection of candy and drinks, the store also offers a variety of gifts, making it the perfect spot for finding a unique gift for a loved one. The staff at the store are always friendly and helpful, making it a great place to shop for all your sweet needs.

Another thing to mention about is that they offer $3 shipping on orders over $50. That is $4 less than normal. Buying the candies in bulk, as my spouse and I frequently do, saves us a lot of money in the long run. The stores are located in West Plains, Missouri, and Melbourne, Florida.

2. The candy space

the candy space

As a space-themed candy store, the candy space is a unique and interactive place to purchase your favorite sweets. It offers a selection of over 1,100 candies and toys that can be launched into space. The store also offers a variety of space-themed merchandise. This makes it the perfect place to find a gift for the space enthusiast in your life. In addition to its selection of delicious and out-of-this-world candy, the candy space also offers a variety of fun activities for kids and adults alike. These include a space-themed scavenger hunt, an astronomy quiz, and a chance to win a free trip to space!

So whether you’re looking for a unique gift for the space lover in your life or want to have some fun and try some delicious candy, the candy space is the perfect place for you. As astronauts review, the candy space is an excellent freeze dried candy because it has a great flavor, a good crunch, and a fast rehydration time. The store also offers a variety of fun activities for kids and adults alike.

3. Candyjan

candyjan store

Candyjan’s freeze-dried candy is a great way to enjoy your favorite candy without all the sugar. The candy is crunchy and has a great taste. The freeze-dried candy is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without all the sugar. The candy is a great way to share with your friends and family. Not only is this a great way to enjoy your favorite candy, but it is also a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Candyjan’s freeze-dried candy is a great way to get your daily dose of calcium and iron.

As reviewed by the customers, their most popular bundle, Tasting Bundle of Crunchy Freeze-dried Goodies, priced at $17.50, is a great way to try out for the first time. The bundle includes 8 classic freeze-dried candies to try. The reviews say that the Skittles and SweetTarts are the most amazing. The AirHeads and Starbursts are the hardest and crispy.

4. The bulk candy store

the bulk candy store

My spouse and I switched from the best candy store to the bulk candy store as soon as we realized that we could get our candy at a fraction of the price. The bulk candy store has an amazing freeze dried candy section that has all of our favorite flavors. We would highly recommend the bulk candy store to anyone who loves candies in numbers!

And their wheel of spinney thing is really fun too! If you’re lucky, you could get a 10% discount!

The South Florida-based family-run freeze dried candy store is the best bulk candy store we’ve found. The store’s Freeze Dried Skittles – 5 oz Bag, $8.99, and Freeze Dried Candy Sampler, $24.99 are highly reviewed on the website.

5. Poppin Freeze Dry Candy – The Mystery Box

poppin store

Poppin’s $64 mystery box makes it different from other freeze dried candy companies. You may land 12 different kinds of freeze dried candy in your box. If you are bad at choosing, then this is the best way to go. The company also offers a discount if you buy more than 4 bags of freeze dried candy. They are also light and have a unique texture that makes them unique. Although the store is reviewed fewer times than the other stores we mentioned earlier, saving 21 pounds per bag (yes, with their mystery box), is a significant amount.

Should you buy Freeze dried candy from retail stores?

freeze dried candies on etsy

While retail stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart offer a wide variety of freeze-dried candy options, it’s important to remember that not all of these products are created equal. In fact, many of the freeze-dried candy options available at retail stores are of lower quality than those you would find at a specialized candy store. Cheap freeze-dried candy is often made with lower-quality ingredients and may not be as fresh as the more expensive options.

Only if you’re simply looking for a quick and easy treat, buying from a retail store is probably your best bet.

It’s important to consider your personal preferences and needs. If you’re looking for the highest quality product, buy from a specialized freeze dried candy store. And even if you are on a budget, it’s a good option to choose a specialized store, because you can get the same quality for cheaper there anyways.

How to Tell if the candy is bad?

When it comes to freeze-dried candy, there are a few things you can do to tell if it’s bad. The best way to tell if your freeze dried candy is bad is to look for signs of discoloration or mold. If the candy is discolored or has any mold on it, it is probably bad and should be thrown away. Second, smell it. If it smells off, it’s probably bad. Plus, if it feels sticky or tacky, it may be bad as well. Finally, after these three steps, taste it. If it doesn’t taste right, it’s not worth the risk. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to throw it away.

While bad freeze dried candies rarely exist, some stores do exist, that’s why it’s important to know how to recognize them. But again, most of the time, freeze dried candies are safe to eat. In fact, they are popular due to the very fact that they have a long shelf life.

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